Life and Other Catastrophes

Hi, I’m Megan. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I call it “Life and Other Catastrophes”. Here you’ll find me writing about life as I see it. I discuss everything from inclusion, blindness and low vision, wayfinding and the built environment, braille and adaptive technology, and how society treats people with disability, right through to exercise, employment, and parenthood. Even my love of chocolate cake and strappy heels is up for discussion. So feel free to look around.

I’m currently working on my PhD which examines the effect of urban parks on surrounding property values.

I also run a company called Taylored Thinking. These days I concentrate on consulting with public and private sectors regarding how to build greater urban resilience in every sense of the phrase. I work with multiple levels of government, not for profit organisations, start-up companies, educational institutions, corporations and small business. My specialties always come back to the fundamentals of what makes the built environment functional, user-friendly and livable. I am particularly interested in how people access public space, amenities and services, and how policy, design and practice influence its use.

One aspect of my work involves giving keynote presentations and facilitating workshops that foster deeper conversations around placemaking and belonging. I also work with children, be it storytime at the library, or Lego for fostering diverse perspectives relating to infrastructure, the public good and wayfinding. I occasionally write for other blogs and professional publications. Basically, I’m up for anything, so if you’d like to work with me, please get in contact. To check out my upcoming events and what I’ve been up to lately, go to my media page.

I also love running, yoga, scooter riding on the tennis court beside our house, my soccer ball with the bell inside, hiking, picnics, playgrounds and making pizza with my family. Then there are the one-woman theatre shows, audio description, braille/print children’s books, procrastination baking, hot chips with chicken salt, the dictionary, daffodils, dark red nail polish, cruising holidays and dresses with pockets, all of which I adore.

This website is a culmination of my personal experiences. I hope by engaging with it you’ll gain a greater insight into life and other catastrophes.

If you have any questions, feedback or collaborative opportunities you would like to discuss further, either leave a comment in the relevant blog post or use the contact page to get in touch.

Meanwhile, have a great day and remember to tell your friends about this!